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In addition to being a writer and a contractor, I am also the organizer and president of The LexiCon Writers Conference. LexiCon 2012 and LexiCon 2013 took place at the Hilton Garden Inn in Denton, Texas, and they were HUGE successes. We had attendees from all over Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida, and North Carolina. It was and is a unique experience with a different approach and a different philosophy than any other writers conference in existence. For more information about the annual LexiCon Writers Conference or to read testimonials about LexiCon, please go to the website on the link below or scan the QR Code provided.

The LexiCon

IMG_0276.JPGIMG_0282.JPGIMG_0286.JPGIMG_0279.JPG182145_4291346482895_807849382_n.jpg REVIEWS
"I really enjoyed my first conference! I was impressed with LexiCon and all the great people I met."  Author Emma Gingerich
"Mitch, you did an awesome job. I was totally impressed with the all-inclusiveness of this group of people. It has restored my faith in the publishing world." Book Marketer Rita Mills
"The conference was great for me. The speakers discussed relevant issues, people were friendly and supportive, the books on display by published authors were inspiring to say the least." Author Yifat Fishman
"You really are one of the most engaging an approachable speakers I've met. It's a privilege to have you in our corner. Looking forward to working with you again." Promotions - Andi Reis of Ralph's Design and Deli
"Kudos to Mitch Haynes for the excellent job he did with this first-time conference. He should pat himself on the back, because it's no easy task putting such an event together and have it run so smoothly."  Director of the Northeast Texas Writers' Organization Spring Roundup - Ann Everett
"It was a nice conference and the "general atmosphere" was so much more relaxed. I truly believe you will only build upon what you had this year. It was a wonderful success." Freiesens America Book Printers - Coral Gates
"Had a great time this inaugural year at LexiCon. Mest some great folks and made some excellent connections. Of course, my TBR pile is deepened significantly, but that isn't a bad thing." Author CL Stegall
"It was excellent. Thank you! Well planned, well organized. I really enjoyed it." Author Kathleen Wazny